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An artificial world - Hong Kong day 1

Today was my first day to explore the city. To be honest it was really hard to get up and moving this mornin! Jet lag can be quite grueling but also I think it was the fact that I was travelling for many hours and probably didn't get quality sleep on the plane that took so much out of me. Looking back on the flight I can sort of remember waking
Up suddenly and almost knocking over the cup of water on my tray which with my luck would have spilled all over be chatty woman beside me... I think it's kind of funny how when we are on night flights it is quite common and not even weird to sleep so closely to strangers.. In the outside non-plane world you would never even think of sitting as close to them on a bench let alone sleep with them! When you really think about it Night flights are like one big sleepover with a large group of strangers... Fun times :)

So when I finally did get out and about today an underlying theme emerged from the activities that I did. This theme was of an artificial world. Today I spent time in the central part of hong kong (the longest outdoor escalator), hong kong park and tst to see the hong kong skyline and light show.

Hong Kong park is a completely man made park, inside this park you will find fountains, plants, and artificial lakes... I went to the park knowing this about it before even arriving but I wanted to check it out and see it for myself.
So some questions came to mind during my Visit..
Artificial vs. natural?? Can the artificial park still be beautiful? What was here before this was created? Etc
As a nature lover I would definitely choose natural over artificial any day but being in this park really got me thinking about beauty.
What makes something beautiful? How can one person think something is beautiful and another not...what qualifies something or someone as beautiful...
I guess the old saying is really true beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Despite my reservations, in a purely artificial park I was able to find beauty in the situation that was unfolding. because for me seeing this space was a reminder of how wonderful nature is... Man can try but will never succeed in recreating nature... You can not beat the real deal...I really enjoyed my day in this hectic world city... It is clear that the people creating this city definitely have an imagination :)

Tomorrow I think I will do some hiking ... Switch things up a little :)

Posted by sammy18 09:40

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