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Organic farming.....

So organic vs. conventional? Which one is better... what does organic even mean? Is organic actually organic?

As a consumer that tries to eat organic when possible to avoid directly consuming pesticides I have been curious about these questions myself. When I decided to come to France to spend time on 2 separate organic farms I was unsure of how things were going to go...

I am happy to say that I have been pleasantly surprised! From my experiences here there are no secrets. There is no spraying of pesticides at night when no one can see.

They work hard... put lots of love into their crops and are more patient with the results.

Also the result is a more unique product. Yes some of the tomatoes might have a boob like protrusion coming out the side but that is natures decision.

Why do we demand uniformity when it comes to fruits and vegetables? I much rather have a unique tomato than one that just fits into the crowd.

But this has just been my experience... to know how the organic world works I highly recommend spending time on your local organic farm!

On that note I recommend to go grab a nice organic fruit and dig in!


Posted by sammy18 05:41

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