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December 2012

Every journey has a final destination...

Well my journey has come to an end and I have arrived to my final destination. Home.
It was a long, emotional trek home but I have arrived just in time to spend the holidays with friends and family.
I have been home for less than a week now and I must say it has been quite the adjustment being back in Canada.
Reflecting back on my trip there is so much that happened and I have so many stories to tell but it's funny when someone starts to ask me questions about my trip I almost go blank.
I myself am trying to piece together everything that happened while I was away and make sense of it all. What was my favourite place? What was my most memorable moment? etc...
These are all things that I need time to reflect on some more. One thing I am certain of is that this trip was life changing and the best time of my life.

I want to apologize for not blogging often enough especially near the end of the trip. I have so much to say and anecdotes to tell...I guess if you want to find out more just let me know and we can set up a coffee date or something.

Be kind to one another... much love to all.


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Laos- you had me at sa-ba-dee

Well the Laos portion of my South East Asia adventure has come to an end and I am now in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Laos really hit a soft spot with me. First of all it's a beautiful country with endless views of lush rolling hills. The drive from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng will raise the hair on your arms with it's many windy turns and twists but the views you will witness are way worth it! My stomach turned a few times but overall it was bearable.

Secondly, the people in Laos are lovely. They are respectful, polite and they are not afraid to show that they appreciate your business. Laos is definitely more conservative than Vietnam or Thailand. Women still wear their long skirts and bikinis are not acceptable swimwear (although I did see many tourists wearing bikinis at the swimming holes despite their being signs saying no bikinis- uncool). And they also have a country wide curfew of 11:30 so it means for much earlier nights.

I would recommend travelling to Laos if you like outdoorsy pursuits, trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, nature, scenery...etc

Now I am gearing up for a 3 day trek starting tomorrow! I will post about it soon!

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