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Having a keen sense of smell - Part 1

The past few days I've been really grateful for my keen sense of smell. With autumn in full force in Europe there is that fresh crisp quality in the air which is accompanied by a certain smell of fall. Fall being one of my favourite seasons I always welcome this with open arms. Also walking around European villages my nose has been tickled by aromas of crepes and roasted nuts which is glorious. So yes at this moment I am happy with this nose of mine but the real question is how will I feel about my keen sense of smell when I reach Asia.... Hence the reason I called this post part 1. Stay tuned for part 2!

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Who do you blame while travelling alone?

The other day  I was on my way to catch my train in Berlin. This was an early morning train and despite how dark it still was at the ungodly hour I felt pretty confident that I had the Berlin transit system figured out. I caught the first metro no problem but when it came time to catch the s-bahn train i was all turned around and ended up going in the wrong direction. Luckily my spideysense kicked in and we had only passed by 2 long metro stops. I jumped off to retrace my steps. The sign indicated the next train would be Arriving in 12 mins and I became quite frustrated. I think I even might have let out a quiet but ferocious grr under my breath. When i realized that i would still make my train I found the situation quite comical. It made me think about how this could have played out if I would have been traveling with someone else. I am quite certain that we would have been blaming each other or at least some crabbiness would have set in. So here I was angry at the situation with no one to blame but my own stupid self and I quite liked it. Because the silent treatment really doesn't get you very far when you are alone... 

One of the benefits of traveling solo.. 

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Waiting for the subway....


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Photo Ayurveda


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The Great Dune of Pilat

Yesterday I was inspired to get back into writing the blog. I guess it is pretty fair that since I am exploring and seeing many beautiful things that I share what i can.
In my opinion words and even photos can never fully do real life experiences justice but they can definitely go a long way. 

Let's go back to the end of august:

The great dune of Pilat:
The tallest sand dune in Europe

Located in the south west of France  close to bordeaux, this sand dune actually took my breath away. We were driving on the highway and out of nowhere emerged this enormous wall of sand. I was really not expecting it to be so grand. It towers over the adjacent shoreline. Because of terrible traffic we only spent a few hours there but that was all I needed to be humbled by it's physical presence. I would highly recommend visiting the dune if you are ever in the area! Give yourself at least a day or make a weekend out of it. There is lots of camping along the dune but I would book ahead since it is a popular place. 

I'm having a bit of difficulty adding photos... Will work on that!


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