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Hello everyone,

I know it has been a crazy long time since I've posted any news! I have been adding photos to instagram and Facebook so you can always check those out. Basically I have been finding it hard to type up blog posts when I don't have access to a desktop... Since I only have my iPhone with me and the past month a desktop has been hard to come by... But enough with the excuses...

What have I been up to in the last month??
Here's a quick recap:
My farm experience came to an end and I made my way to the south  of France in the pyrenees, bordeaux and then to San sebastian in spain. Those were some wonderful weeks of relaxation, fun, meeting new people and giving my body a rest from the farm work. 
I then made my way to Barcelona where my dear friend Anik met up with me (all the way from canada). We had an amazing two weeks together exploring Barcelona, costa brava and girona. Two weeks I will never forget! 
From barcelona I flew to London England to meet up with my parents and little sister. Brrr it was cold going from sunny Barcelona to chilly London. In London we embarked on a two week bus tour to visit some of the wonders of Europe. We visited many things in those two weeks. Some of the cities we visited include: Brussels, Lucerne, Venice, Rome, Florence, nice, Paris! 

My family flew out from Paris on September 28th and I spent a few more days in Paris with a good friend. I moved along to Amsterdam on my own and spent a few days there. Fell in love with Amsterdam! Then moved on to Germany and I am still in Germany until oct 15. On oct 15 I fly to hong kong to begin "part 2" of the trip. 

So that's where I am at geographically speaking... Now I can focus on filling you in about the experiences I've had along that section of the trip....



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My farm experience

What did I do? What did I learn?

So although the wwoofing portion of my trip has now concluded I still want to talk to you a little bit about what I did on the farms.
A typical work day consisted of about 4-5 hours of work and the rest of the time for myself.

At the first farm, the one with a manageable sized garden I must admit that I worked more than that..but on my own account. I was completely enthrawled with the garden and really wanted to witness change and progress throughout my time there. I had certain small projects that I was put in charge of. (For example: Take care of plant x and y)

Of course there was other daily tasks that needed constant love such as weeding, watering and clearing. And even though some of those tasks can become tedious at times they always felt necessary for eventual change.

I worked on this farm for 15 days and I could have done much longer. I felt so involved with the garden and it was so easy to get up in the morning to put my energy and love into it.

I had lots of time to reflect on things while working and it became quite clear to me why I have been longing to work with the earth again. Being in my dowtown Toronto setting for the past few years I feel that I have become quite disconnected with the planet I live on. I have forgotten about so many plants, medicinal plants, wild edibles and most of all I have forgotten some basic principles of nature...
Principles that I think should be common knowledge among the masses but unfortunately at this point in time are really not.

So why is that? Well I could go on and on about why this is (mass production, processed foods...etc etc). We have basically become used to going to the supermarket and buying the products we desire without a second thought about the work or the process involved. I think it is so important to go back to the roots of it all and really understand how plants work.

I often have the desire to feel like I could sustain myself (at least for a period of time) if food was no longer readily available to me. But the more disconnected I got, little by little this desire decreased. Thankfully this journey has brought back these feelings again and I am really excited about it all. I am ready to relearn and learn these principles and put them into practice because for me that is fulfilling.

There is so much more I could say on this topic...but it is too long winded at this point :)

So friends, how much do you know about growing your own food? How long could you survive without all the resources in place today? What will you do to learn more? What fulfills you?


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Organic farming.....

So organic vs. conventional? Which one is better... what does organic even mean? Is organic actually organic?

As a consumer that tries to eat organic when possible to avoid directly consuming pesticides I have been curious about these questions myself. When I decided to come to France to spend time on 2 separate organic farms I was unsure of how things were going to go...

I am happy to say that I have been pleasantly surprised! From my experiences here there are no secrets. There is no spraying of pesticides at night when no one can see.

They work hard... put lots of love into their crops and are more patient with the results.

Also the result is a more unique product. Yes some of the tomatoes might have a boob like protrusion coming out the side but that is natures decision.

Why do we demand uniformity when it comes to fruits and vegetables? I much rather have a unique tomato than one that just fits into the crowd.

But this has just been my experience... to know how the organic world works I highly recommend spending time on your local organic farm!

On that note I recommend to go grab a nice organic fruit and dig in!


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So far on the trip I have read 2 books:

-Savages (this is now a motion picture)
-We are all made of Glue

I also have a book called Room that I have just started...

Any recommendations for books to read next on my travels?????



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Au Guiraudet

Farm Number 2

sunny 38 °C

Hello everyone,

I am sorry that I havent updated the blog in some time.... life on the farm is BUSY!!!!

Au guiraudet is a farm in the south west region of France near a village called Clairac. To get to the farm you have to take some windy roads up a mountain and the farm is at the very top. Now the mountain is not super high like Mt Tremblant as an example but its quite high and the view here is awesome!!!!! You get a good view on both sides!

The other day another wwoofer and I got a ride down to the beach and while we were on our way back (on foot) we even hitched a ride back up the mountain. Life here is different than in Toronto.. I am sure that it is very similar in the country back in Canada too. People help each other out and its a nice way to live...

Here they have qbout 40 hectares of land! It`s big! They grow all sorts of organic fruits and veggies.

..... to name a few!!!

We are in the middle of a heat wave here. It's been an average of 38 the past few days... sweating all day long! work in the morning and sit still for the rest of the day because you can't do anything else. Even in the shade it's toasty. I don't mind it that much but for sleeping it's intense. I slept under the stars for a little while the other night because it was cooler there than in my caravan. So many stars...and shooting stars too!

But tonight is my last night here... I will be working in the morning tomorrow and heading off to my next destination.

I have lots of stories and pictures to share. Will try to post some up soon!!



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