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First Travel Lesson

As a human being we are constantly learning. Some lessons are small and others are big. Some come easy and others we learn the hard way. Randomly I will post lessons that may help someone else out.

If possible bring change when arriving to a new country. If you can,t get change before leaving try to break a bill soon after landing. Some services like public transit may only accept change. You will be happy to have it .

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Arrival to France

Lets go back in time a little…. So I flew into Lyon France July 29 evening landing on the 30th. Luckily I speak french so from the get go I have bit of an advantage from other tourists that do not speak the language. Everything went fairly smoothly I retrieved my big backpack from the conveyor put it on and off I went doing what any good tourist does I followed the crowd/signs and made my way to the train that takes you downtown Lyon. 30 mins later I am downtown and as I didnt know what to expect or where I was going I put my (I know exactly where Im going face on) …. My jig was up when I got to the metro machine to buy tickets and I could not figure it out for the life of me.. does this thing take credit cards, money etc… I asked someone and they helped me. Sweet Im golden… tried to get my train ticket for my train out for a few days later… the system did not recognize my name … what the heck is going on here ? went to the counter found my ticket and all was well again…. Found my way on the subway/funiculaire combo and made it to my hostel in one piece with a big huge smile on my face ! Despite a few short setbacks I had arrived and out of all the french people I spoke with along the way not a single one looked at me like I had 2 heads ! Success !

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Here we go!

Well as per popular request I have created a small no frills blog to tell you all the story of my trip to Europe and Asia. One of the most interesting parts will likely be my time here on the farms but there are other interesting things that I will be able to talk about too that is certain ! I apoligize in advance for mispelled words and bad punctuation because this keyboard is much different but I think you will get the gist of it.

When people come back from trips we often ask them how it was and they often answer i t was wonderful I had an amazing time but they often don,t go into detail about the specific stories that make the trip what it is because we tend to forget those on the spot . Hopefully through this blog I will be able to take you through the experience here and share some of those less grand but still highly comical stories with everyone. Happy reading!

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Where I plan to go

*subject to change

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